Adventures await. In colors, always.

This Little Street is a place where the flowers grow as big as trees, and everyone gets to be a kid, no matter your age. It’s a place of tree houses and big pink bathtubs and unicorns, where imagination and happy thoughts are sprinkled in the air.

We’re in the business of colors and dreams, and can’t wait to meet you! 

About the designer, Audrey Smit

Audrey grew up in a small village in France, and has lived all over the world. From Arizona to Ireland via the Pacific Northwest and Denmark, her design inspirations are fused from these beautiful places and their people. 

Audrey now lives in Berkeley, CA with her husband and four adventurous little girls. She loves strawberry shortcakes, cameras, hugs and all things colorful and quirky. She hopes that This Little Street brings happiness and colors into your life - with products that make you smile when you look at them.

Welcome to This Little Street!